Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Oh look, I have a blog!

Oh, whoops...

Howdy! Sorry to, uh, anyone who ever was interested in this! Even though I'm probably apologizing to nobody, I'll still say it; Sorry I haven't been active here, and sorry in advance for when it inevitably happens again!

So, what's going on? Well, not much. I have redone the blog a little to cover both pinball stuff and PTC/SmileBASIC stuff. I changed the url name from "mystman12pinball" to "mystman12games", and I put a new tab up there for Revenge of the Crazy Baby, the only game I finished for PTC. I've also done a little bit more work on Joe's Ultimate Bus Ride, and while it's still coming along nicely (And going through even more big changes), I've pretty much put it on hold for right now, in favor of another project I've code-named, uh...

Project... Project..! Yup, totally didn't come up with that right now! Project Project is a game for SmileBASIC, and I've had the idea in my head for about two years now I think. Which means it's had plenty of time to grow and evolve into a full game idea. Still though, it's all in my head and I need to actually program it.

Right now, all I have is an extremely basic dev tool for the game and the title screen (Filled with scribbly placeholder art!). I also made up that new nifty logo you see up there, which I gotta say I'm pretty happy with! Simple, sleek, blue, letters and numbers kind of mixed together (Which has always been a weird obsession I had whenever I made a logo of my name when I was little).

So, when will I finish it? Totally by the end of the year!

Haha no. While that would be nice, I've made it pretty obvious I can't keep release dates, even lenient ones. I want to finish this, for sure, even more than JUBR, but I can't devote all my time to it, and well, it'll probably be fairly slow going. We'll see what happens though.

And what is Project Project, you ask? Again, I'm not really going to say anything. I want to keep it under raps until I'm absolutely sure I can finish the game. I don't want to announce it and then realize I can't finish it, or announce it so early I end up losing motivation. I've learned my lesson on announcing too early. (And seen countless others fall into the same error. The Petit Computer Wiki is a prime example) I will say though, that it stars Joe Biggle and Aunt Mimi, those lovable characters, from JUBR and my PTC game Infinite Office, that no one has actually gotten to know yet because I never actually finished/released the games they're in!

So yeah, an update after over one year! I probably won't update again super soon, don't think I'll have much to talk about, but if you're interested you can follow me on Twitter or Miiverse and I'll let you know when I make any updates (Although Miiverse is really only focused on SmileBASIC). Thanks!

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  1. I got a question who did the voice of baldi when he said "get out while you still can! "