Joe's Ultimate Bus Ride (FP)

Joe's Ultimate Bus Ride - Work In Progress
Entire playfield as of 10/26/2014
Joe's Ultimate Bus Ride will be my first game Future Pinball game, but hopefully it won't be my only! It features a bus toy that locks balls, a third flipper used to launch balls across the playfield to perform super stunts, and five Mimi rewards to aid the player! Oh, and of course, multiball, but most important, is traveling across all fifty of the United States to start... Well, you'll find out!

Status: Pretty much on hold (Still going to finish it though)
Release Date: TBD

Copyright: I am the owner and creator of Joe's Ultimate Bus Ride, including the layout, sounds, music, art, and characters. So, copying them or using them means, uh, I can sue you, or something. Look, I don't know how to make good copyright things, all I know is that this small, italic font makes this look legit.