Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Status Update #1

Hello! Just a status update, with some news on development, a look at some of the games rule set, and I have a twitter account now!

Development Update

In the past month, I haven't gotten a lot of work done. School started up, and I played through a few games, and I haven't been as motivated to work on it. I did get some of the basics for the modes done, but only one is functional, and keep in mind I said functional, so it still needs some polishing. I hope to complete all the modes by the end of this month. Once I'm finished with those, the games basic code will be pretty much complete. By that I mean all the game's features will be programmed, and all that will be left is polishing, and adding display messages, light shows, art, music, and sounds.

Game Rules: Missions and Rounds

Every time I post on the blog, I'll try to post a feature of the game's rule set. This one is about the modes I was speaking of above. There are two types: Missions and Rounds, and there are four of each. Missions are more focused on accomplishing something, and you can actually complete missions, whereas rounds focus more on just hitting things to earn points, there's no way to complete them. There are a couple of exceptions to these rules, but that's due to the way certain modes work. One example of a mission is Passenger Panic. In this mode, you must transfer a certain number of passengers by shooting the ramp over and over to get them in the bus, and then shooting the Bus Stop. (The right scoop) to drop them off. (I'm pretty sure there's a mode similar to this in ST:TNG) An example of a round is Crazy Combos, which is just shooting the ramp over and over again to earn an ever increasing value. Another round, which is one of the exceptions I was talking about, is Risk and Reward. During this round, all targets raise the reward, which is collected by shooting the Bus Stop, however, shooting this once ends the round, so you want to try to raise the reward as much as possible without running out of time. Even though the round ends after shooting the Bus Stop, this is considered a round because it has a focus more on earning points than it does on accomplishing something. Also, after completing a mode, one of two hurry-ups will start, depending on which type of mode you finished.


I have a Twitter account now! You can follow me for more updates on development, and be notified whenever I update the blog. Please follow me if you're interested! You can find my Twitter here, and there is also a Twitter feed at the bottom of the blog's widgets on the right.

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